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By | June 23, 2019

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canopus video editing

Because of its brightness and stability, Voyagers 1 and 2 relied on the Canopus star to navigate through the solar system. Canopus was also the pilot of Menelaus’ ship on his quest to retrieve Helen of Troy after Paris abducted her.

The question is: Let us pay the ferryman and find out. Canopus EDIUS Pro 4 sports a throng of impressive new features, including multicam editing mode, nested timeline sequences, key framed color correction filters, a time remap feature, improved audio channel editing, revised timeline trimming and alpha support for the Canopus HQ codec.

Of course, you’ll need a computer that can handle processing any video streams that need to be converted in real time.

In other words, if you want to take advantage of this feature, make sure you take a look at the recommended system specifications. Add effects, transitions and titles without having to render, and you can begin to imagine the possibilities.

Hobbyist videographers do not normally work with formats other than DV or MPEG-4 for their projects, nor do they normally fight with different frame rates.

The Multicam Editing Mode is a snap to invoke and use. Pressing F8 reveals the Master Channel viewer that displays up to eight different sources. Select the camera source by pressing the corresponding numbered key. Sequences sit alongside their clips brethren in the bin and can be dragged onto the timeline and have any number of effects or filters applied. The next two features are not only easy to use but also addictively cool. Every property of the color correction filter is key frame-able, giving you exact control over your color corrections.

The new Time Remap tool allows you to set multiple, key framed speed adjustments to a clip, without affecting its duration on the timeline. The tool uses a separate window to set and drag the key frames. The results are both immediate and gorgeous. Imported Dolby Digital clips keep their audio channel configuration. If you have to edit footage from DVDs, this is a feature that will be especially useful to you. The Canopus HQ codec now supports alpha channel information within the video data.

You no longer need to use uncompressed HD or still image sequences when compositing and layering video. Stay those knives. This affects third-party plug-ins such as Boris. The good news is that the Canopus team is working on fixes; in fact, Boris may very well be fixed before this article is published.

Any project in-progress using third-party plug-ins should remain on previous versions until you know that your plug-ins are supported. However, it is technically possible to have both versions installed. If you’ve modified your keyboard shortcuts, you’ll need to create a customized settings file to save settings and to restore into EDIUS Pro 4. Seemingly, innocuous acts such as importing audio sampled at rates other than 48k can cause application failure. WAV files with embedded metadata tend not to import.

During evaluation, I experienced two other crashes that I cannot attribute to any specific act. Canopus is aware of these issues and with any luck will have an update with appropriate fixes. Unfortunately, their latest 4. Adding effects, transitions, overlays, nested sequences and immediately seeing your results promise to speed your projects to completion.

The default window layout assumes you have dual monitors, so on a single-monitor configuration, the layout is a mess. Even after switching to single monitor layout, the palette windows overlap the timeline. You’ll have to spend a few minutes setting up the layout to your liking, before you’ll feel comfortable in Edius’ space.

While there is a License Transfer application that allows you to transfer your license from the USB key to a PC, should you change your hard drive, the license may become invalid. Canopus recommends using the USB key. But don’t lose it! Star Bright? Canopus demands that you learn their editing paradigm using an interface that, while more accessible, is still not as discoverable nor as easy to use as their competitors’. The persistent user will gain an invaluable tool to turn your vision into reality in real time.

Intel Pentium 4 3. Yes Number of Video Tracks: Unlimited Number of Audio Tracks: Yes Music Creation Software Included: No Scopes: Yes Third-party Plug-in Support:

Canopus Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 4 Editing Software Review

Canopus Corporation is based in San Jose, California and offers a complete line video capture and video editing products. Canopus Company Ltd., Canopus Corporation’s parent company, was founded in in Kobe, Japan and is Japan’s largest maker of graphics accelerators and video editing . Nov 01,  · Canopus EDIUS Pro 4 is an exceptionally capable editing suite aimed at the prosumer or video professional. Canopus demands that you learn their editing paradigm using an interface that, while more accessible, is still not as discoverable nor as easy to use as their competitors’.Author: Joseph F. Dries, III. Apr 12,  · Matrox, Pinnacle, Canopus and Dazzle are the heavyweights in the market for video-editing solutions. Until now, you had to shell out about $ for one of their semi-professional video-editing Author: Uwe Scheffel.

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Video capture card reviews: Canopus video capture cards and editing software. EDIUS 7 system requirements | EDIUS means more formats and more resolutions in real-time for the ability to Edit Anything, Fast. EDIUS is the 4K HDR perfect.

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