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By | June 22, 2019

OfficeSuite Pro 10 is one of the best office suite professional android apps. The OfficeSuite Pro offers to create professional text files that you can now use the Android version. So Download Now this app and also enjoy to access your document. Also, that file converts to PDF and also runs your all files with the utmost tools feature. With this app, you can search as well as download office suite pro specific file formats quicker to find the wanted download office suite pro, the features of this app.

OfficeSuite Pro 7

download office suite pro

With the advanced editing features you can modify documents on the go and save them in their original format just ready to be used back on your desktop computer. Alternatively, press the button at the top left- hand corner of the screen to open the side bar.

The Document Editor allows quick navigation in the currently open document via a right hand side bar. To show the side bar, slide left or press the button from the navigation bar. Some toolbars are not always active but are context activated. For instance the Edit toolbar in the Document module only appears when you are in Edit mode. They offer instant access to frequently used operations for the selected object. Various supported file formats are listed with different icons. Documents shortcut in the File Browser side bar offers quick access to your document folder.

Recent files are listed at the bottom of the side bar so you can access them directly. Tap on the file and press Open in from the navigation bar. Select the OfficeSuite app to open the document. To do so, use Remote files in the File Browser side bar. Once a remote account is added you can easily access it from the side bar and open any files stored there. These folders are accessible through the side bar: The File Browser provides basic operations to help you manage your files and folders.

Press from the navigation bar. You can perform the following actions: Cut file s and folders Copy file s and folders Paste file s and folders Delete file s and folders Send a file via email, zip and Add folders email, open in another app Tap and hold on a file or folder until the context menu appears and select Properties in order to view the file properties, such as file name, type, file size, path to the file and date modified.

The Properties item in the context menu also allows you to Rename a file. To do so, select from the navigation bar. You will be prompted to select the type of document to be created – Word document, Excel workbook, Presentation or a Folder. To sort files by their name, type, date or file size, just tap on the corresponding column title located below the navigation bar. Consecutive tap on the column will switch between ascending and descending order of sorting.

Files and folders will be dynamically filtered as you type. There is an additional feature to open the document in another app by tapping the Open in Another App option. You will be asked if you would like to enable iCloud in OfficeSuite when you start the office application for the first time. You can later enable or disable the iCloud backup at any time by going to the Cloud tab of OfficeSuite.

To protect your OfficeSuite select and the Password Protection option. Then type in your password and validate it in the confirmation field. Set the time limit for locking up and select Done. Restore Purchases To restore your purchase of OfficeSuite in case you want to install it on another device or to recover it, simply tap the option Restore Purchases. About For additional information for OfficeSuite you can choose the option About.

You can easily scroll within the document in order to read it. Pinch zoom in or out to increase or decrease the zoom view ratio. Use the right hand side bar to preview and navigate in the document – to the top, bottom or selected page. Press on the navigation bar to open the side bar.

When a text document is opened it will initially be in view mode so you can use the full screen area for reading. If you want to edit the document, tap in it. OfficeSuite will switch to edit mode and will show keyboard and edit toolbar at the bottom of the screen. The marked text will be highlighted. Fine selectors will appear that will allow you to extend or refine your choice.

Tap and drag either of the selectors until you highlight the exact text that you need. Cut, Copy, Paste OfficeSuite allows you to cut, copy and paste text selection to other places in the current document or other documents.

To do so: To do so, use the Undo button from the navigation bar. To redo the operation, tap and hold on the Undo button and select Redo from the popup menu that will appear. For fonts you can change the font size, style, color or highlight. For paragraphs you can modify the paragraph alignment and indent. Bullets and Numbering In order to format selected lists you can use toolbar in the Document Editor edit mode: Table Select the table size by using the grid or by adjusting the number of columns and rows from the menu.

When done select Insert. Image If you want to insert an image, select the Image tab from the Insert popup menu and then browse the folders to locate the desired image. Once inserted, you can move, resize and rotate the image directly in the document. Search Use this option to search or search and replace text. Just type in the word you would like to search in the Search section and optionally type in the new text in the Replace section. With the left and right arrow you can move to the previous or next matching words.

For each separate match tap Replace for the change to take effect. When finished tap Done. Go to Page This feature gives you the option to move directly to a specific page. When you tap on Go to Page a pop-up window appears. Enter the desired page and tap OK. Zoom Tap on this option to adjust the zoom scale in which you would like to view your document. Spell Check By entering in the submenu you can setup spell checker options. Language Choose the language for the spell checking feature among: Learned Words Here you can find a list of words that you have added to the spell checking dictionary.

Word Count In the word count tool you will see a list of counting features including the number of: FILE The file menu on the navigation bar gives you access to some additional features: Enter the file name for the new PDF and choose destination folder to export the file.

Tap the pdf button to start the export process. When finished press Done. When finished tap on Print. A new screen will appear allowing you to create a new email message. When finished filling in the requested details tap Send at the upper right corner.

Open in Another App This option allows you to open your current document in other applications supporting the same format and installed on your device.

Type in the desired password, confirm and tap OK. In order to remove an existing password, select Protect, enter the current password to validate and confirm the removal with OK. To switch to a spreadsheet, just tap on its tab. For files with multiple sheets, scroll the sheet bar horizontally until you find the desired sheet. A thin dotted line will indicate the new boundary position. Tap a cell and directly start typing to fill in or modify the cell.

To select multiple cells, hold the first cell and drag until you mark the whole desired area. Cut, Copy and Paste OfficeSuite allows you to cut, copy and paste cells or selections to other places in the current document or other documents on your device.

Clear With this option you can clear all the information in a selection of cells or a single cell. Select the object you want to freeze and then tap Freeze from the context menu. Please bear in mind that freezing a single cell will cause both the corresponding row and column to be freezed. You can Unfreeze from the same context menu. To redo the operation, tap again and hold the Undo button. Select Redo from the menu. Defined Names Tap on the drop down menu in order to enter in the Formulas menu.

Tap on the Define name option. A menu opens where you can type in the Name. Select the Range and Scope of your new Defined Name. Formula Insertion Tap on the formula bar FX in order to get access to the available formulas. When you see the desired function tap on it and it will appear in the FX field. A pop up tool bar will appear and will allow you to select Fit. Insert The Insert menu gives the opportunity to insert Charts and Images in the spreadsheets by pressing Insert form the drop-down menu on the navigation pane.

Image If you want to insert an image, select Image from the list and then browse the folders in order to locate the desired image. Once inserted, you can move, resize and rotate the image.

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Free office download for Windows PC, iPhone/iPad & Android. Edit PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint files with OfficeSuite. Fully compatible with Microsoft Office Get OfficeSuite for per year – create and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files on Windows PC, Android and iOS. Download Free Trial. office suite pro free download – Microsoft Office , LogoManager Pro Suite, Movavi Video Suite, and many more programs.

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Download OfficeSuite Pro 7 The office on your cell phone. OfficeSuite Pro 7 is a complete office tool for Android that allows users to see, edit , and. OfficeSuite lets you easily view, edit, and create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, and perform advanced PDF operations. Our integrated file manager, .

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