Fl studio 12 instructions

By | June 16, 2019

Make Beats with FL Studio Beginners Pictorial Walkthrough August 15,Dhandy7 Comments Fl studio 12 instructions is a beginner friendly pictorial walkthrough to help you make beats with FL studio Just getting used to a new software can be quite tricky. Especially when it is one as a bit complex as a music making software DAW. For an experienced producer who had been using another DAW earlier, learning a new one will not be as challenging as it will be for a total newbie.

How to Make a Hip-hop Beat in FL Studio

fl studio 12 instructions

To celebrate how much we love FL Studio, Gary Hiebner presents his top 10 tips to help get the most out of your mix. FL Studio is very flexible in the way you can work with it when mixing. With its channels and mixer insert tracks, you can build up quite complex mixes.

This is nice in that you can customize your channel layout in the mixer by determining which channels go to which track. With each channel going to a dedicated mixer insert track, you can apply individual effects to each track. To see what track a channel is routed to, first select the track by clicking on it in the Step Sequencer window.

This shows which insert track the channel is routed to. You can change the routing by dragging up or down. Notice how the track selection of that channel changes in the Mixer window. Route the different bass tracks to the same mixer insert track. This is a great way to gel similar instruments together and simplify your mixer window. Tip 3 – Setting Up a Reverb Send Send effects are great in that it allows you to apply an amount of one effect across all the tracks.

First insert a Reverb effect on one of the Sends. Now select the track you want to apply the reverb on, then jump back to the Send track. Turn up the rotary knob just under the volume fader. This will increase the amount of signal that is sent from the track to this send. Now select another track, and then go back to the Send reverb track. Increase this to apply the send reverb to this track. This is where it can get a bit confusing. In other DAWs, there is a dedicated send level on each track.

In FL Studio, each time you select a track the dedicated knob for that track is found on the Send track. Another thing to point out is that in FL Studio any track can actually be a send. Simply route a track to another track, and this becomes the send track.

The labeled send tracks are there for backward compatibility with older FL Studio projects. By default each track is routed to the Master track. But what if you wanted this to go out to another track. First select one of your drum tracks and click on the orange arrow on the master track. This will bypass that track being routed to the master track output.

Then go to an empty insert track and click the arrow under the volume fader. Now this drum track is routed here. Do the same with your other drums tracks. Rename this new submix track to Drums. Right-click the track and choose Rename, or use the shortcut F2. Now you can control the volume of all your drum elements with just one track. You can even add other effects on this track to process all the drums.

Maybe you want to add a compressor to compress all the drums, and then maybe an EQ which will alter the drums as a whole. Giving you much more possibilities on how to mix your songs.

Group similar elements together and then route then to an insert track so that you can edit and process those elements with one single track. Another way to create a submix is to select the insert track, right-click on it.

This shows you how easy it is to route tracks within FL Studio. You can choose different EQ curve shapes for these bands, and it has a great frequency analyzer that is very handy when you want to see what frequency areas that particular track is taking up.

To get a higher quality spectrum view on the Parametric EQ2, make sure to click on the HQ button to active this. Another great spectrum plug-in is Wave Candy.

This has Oscilloscope, Spectrum, Meter, and Vectorscope views to help you analyze your audio. Quick tip: On the Selected track, insert a Wave Candy plug-in. Now whatever mixer track you have selected, the Wave Candy plug-in will display the audio for that track. This way you get the original audio blended with the processed audio. And this can be done very easily in FL Studio. Tweak this to change the amount of dry versus wet signal. This works very well with drums.

On your drums, add a compressor and dial in a very heavy compression setting like a ratio of This will be heavily compressing your drums. Now balance the dry with the wet. One word of caution, if you have many plug-ins on a track, it can add some processing delay to your audio signal. You can automate any parameter. Simply right-click on a parameter, and then choose create automation clip. Now when you jump across to the Pattern Editor.

So go in and do some volume automations, or reverb send automation to add some variance in your tracks. Set the Ceil to But no matter how hard you push it, if you have the ceiling set at If you want to change the order of your effect, place your mouse over the effect you want to move, and then use the scroll wheel to move the effect either up or down the inserts chain.

Maybe you want your EQ to be placed after your compressor. Different effects chaining orders can have different results on your audio, so keep this in mind. You can choose to zip your project. If you want to collaborate with another FL user, zip up your project, copy this onto a hard drive, then take it to their setup and load up your zipped project. You can also choose to export out your mixer tracks as separate tracks.

This is handy if you’re going to be moving your project to another DAW. Split up the tracks, and then bring then into the other DAW to mix. Conclusion So there’s 10 helpful tips you can use to make the most of FL Studio when you get into mixing your songs. The Mixer window is very flexible with its channels and insert routing, and the FL plug-in can really help beef up your mix.

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FL Studio 20 Reference Manual. Title Page · What is FL Studio? What’s New in FL Studio 20? Product Information · Purchasing & Registration · Introduction to FL . I´ve finally found a way to make the FL 12 Manual to PDF. But Please be understandingly, that the internal Links don´t work as well as there.

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