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‘SEGA Heroes’ Review – Welcome to the Previous Level

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Whatever a person might think about how well SEGA treats its classic franchises and games, you at least have to admit that the company has a pretty good track record with cross-overs. Why not get in on the gatcha game craze with a rich library of characters that are known and loved around the world?

The premise is sound enough. Put together a team of legendary SEGA characters and battle against groups of enemies in matching-puzzle gameplay. Use the resources earned from those battles to power up your team or get new characters, and try to tackle the next stage. Not the most original idea around, but neither was kart racing by the time the SEGA All-Stars got around to it, and that worked out fine.

Sure, Sonic and his dubious pals are here, as they are going to be in any endeavor such as this. Instead, you start off with Blaze from Streets of Rage. After that, players are going to earn different characters depending on their luck and priority, but you can expect to run into familiar faces from Phantasy Star, Jet Set Radio, and even the PlayStation 2 Shinobi games.

In lieu of the variety of static art used by many games of this type, SEGA Heroes has each character rendered in a more or less uniform art style, complete with full animations for attacks, special moves, win poses, and so on. At the very least, I love how the characters are animated and really appreciate that their special moves all fit so well. Ax Battler throws a bunch of potions in the air like a player who forgot that the A-button is for magic and not his basic attack, blasting the enemies with a dizzying earthquake.

Amy whips out her Piko-Piko hammer and bops a foe on the melon. Joe Musashi leaps into the air and fires a fan of shuriken down on the enemy party. The stage backgrounds and enemies are all drawn from various SEGA titles as well.

The newly-created tracks are certainly evocative of SEGA games, but it would have been nice if the soundtracks of the original games were included here. That counts for something in my books. New characters are obtained by collecting character shards. Some shards will also be given as rewards for completing achievements, and this seems to be the easiest way to get Sonic on your team.

There are two chests that will pop four times a day each, with a cooldown timer that ensures you have to check in every so often if you want to get all the goodies. Along with rank, various other aspects of each character can be improved.

You can spend coins to raise their level up to whatever your current player level is. Some of these resources will be earned from chests, but your main source of them is to complete special event missions that rotate daily. Each shop requires a different currency to buy things. The main shop takes coins, gems, or real money. Real money, I leave to you to figure out.

The arena shop, meanwhile, wants arena coins. Each attempt at the arena requires an arena key. As you defeat other teams, your rank will rise, which results in increasingly nice daily bonuses. Those replenish at a rate of one per day, or you can shell out some gems to buy some. Options everywhere.

One good thing is that the event missions, arena, and survival mode do not use any of your stamina. It refills dreadfully slowly, but most chests will drop some stamina into your gauge, which mitigates that a little bit. Each character corresponds to a particular color, and making a match in that color will trigger their attack while also filling their super meter.

But I have to at least enjoy the battle portion, because otherwise this is just a lot of annoyance for nothing more than a few half-hearted strums of my nostalgia strings. But I wish the core puzzle gameplay had had half as much thought and attention to detail put into it as the monetization systems seem to have received, because then we might have something pretty great instead of a generic game with a lovely SEGA label slapped on the tin.

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