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By | June 23, 2019

Managing iOS-based devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is the main purpose of iTools, the iTools is highly capable of manage every look and corner of the iDevices Itool for mac download mentioned above. The compatibility, reliability and the existence of iTools make the iDevice managing more flexible than iTunes. The iTunes is making a number of difficulties which is lead to waste time and the resources of iDevices and Macintosh computers. Itool for mac download unusual behaviors of iTunes sound not good for the iDevices users because they need a fast and easy iPhone, iPad and iPod touch manager.

iTools Download

itool for mac download

Flush Wizard Ringtone Maker 1. Then save to computer and use iTools to import into mobile phones, or directly save to the phone. Data Migrate 1. Choose contents and then start migrating. Super Backup 1. Connect the device to your computer and open iTools 3.

You can see some basic information about your device and click Next. After the scan completed, select the content needs to be backed up and start. Super Restore 1. Connect the device to computer and open iTools 3. Select contents to restore then click “Next” until the restoration can be completed.

Desktop Management Bored of dragging by big finger in the tiny screen? Desktop Management help you drag bulk apps at one time by mouse! Drag smart!

Fast Optimization Slow respond? Mountains of rubbish? Fast Optimization help you to clean caches and space, easily get refreshed.

Battery Master Dashboard of your battery , all detail information u need to keep your device and battery healthy! Real-time Desktop Real-time project your desktop into computer desktop!

Real-time Log Getting more clear of your device system running log by Real-time log. Crash Log You can find most of crash log here and find out the problem as soon as possible. Firmware Download Download the newest firmware, automatically recognize your device and download without your learning.

Flush Wizard.

iTools AirPlayer Download

 · iTools iTools for Mac,iPhone手机游戏下载,软件管理一步到位,iTools功能强大简单好用,无需越狱一键iTools免费装App,超实用苹果手机软件;传照片,音乐,视频到 Download iTools Mac 专业版 M Mac机上最强大易用的苹果管理工具 下载 AirPlay pro for Mac 4M Mac电脑上也能享受大屏幕上的游戏乐趣 下载 iTools 模拟器 M iTools for Mac is a free app that helps you manage your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad content – an alternative to iTunes with new functions you’ll starters, iTools for Mac offers a complete overview of your iOS device, including the model, › Mac › Utilities & Tools.

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iTools for Mac free download. Get new version of iTools for Mac. Use iTools to make all your Server configurations easy. ✓ Free ✓ Updated ✓ Download. iTools for Mac download is a simple and powerful tool for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch users. It is % freeware and green, even do not need to.

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