Lansweeper patch management

By | June 25, 2019

Challenge Network security is one of the biggest challenges in an ever-changing IT environment. Ensuring your network and data are safe is one of the top priorities of any business. You have to lansweeper patch management anti-virus software up-to-date, firewalls enabled and other security features or settings lansweeper patch management correctly. New threats often arise and new vulnerabilities require constant updates of software and firmware.

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lansweeper patch management

With new software and OS versions being released frequently to patch security vulnerabilities, it is crucial to manage your updates and ensure that the IT environment you deploy is always up to date.

Challenge Installing software can be a cumbersome process. The same applies to Operating Systems. Many software solutions require regular updates, but you don’t want your users to be able to install anything themselves. This requires from system administrators to update software on hundreds, sometimes even thousands of computers. A first challenge is knowing exactly which software is installed on which computer.

A second step is to automate the installation process. When outdated software or operating systems pose a security risk, good update management is even more pressing. Solution By using one of the Lansweeper scanning methods for Windows, you can discover assets in your network and also automatically scan installed software and their version.

You can use IP range , Active Directory or workgroup scanning to get a complete overview of all software installations and versions in your network. Analyze and deploy your IT environment Use the built-in reports , in combination with the dashboards to create an overview of what is present in your network.

You can even create fully customized reports which display just the information you need: Create the perfect report for any situation. Take actions based on your data Use the built-in reports, dashboards and your own customized reports to take action where needed.

With the Lansweeper deployment module, you can create deployment packages that install, remove or update software, perform command line or registry changes and even run custom scripts.

Deploy packages any way you want. Customize your deployments to control how, when and on which machines your custom deployment packages are executed. Deploy your packages using different security contexts to either do a silent deployment or user specific changes.

Execute your packages based on schedules. Additionally, use options like deploying after a scan and Wake-On-Lan allow you to deploy your packages whenever you want. Use your custom reports to create a selection of assets to deploy a package on. Combining all the customization options allows you to control your network in the most efficient way possible. As an example, you can schedule your deployments based on custom reports. Automatically update your environment as assets appear in the report.

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“Lansweeper is a great suite of tools for our school system. Our techs can get information about computers in the system and have access to several handy features while on site. Lansweeper’s auditing is very efficient. Doesn’t cause problems on my network or . Jan 15,  · Patch Management non Microsoft. Please, Could you implement in next version a Patch Management for non Microsoft softwares. For systems administrators, it is tough to find much appreciation for patch management. Unfortunately, this necessary evil has to be done. IT pro Rick Vanover shares a few Rick Vanover.

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Microsoft Patch Tuesday Report – May Microsoft released its TL;DR – Go straight to the Patch Tuesday report Microsoft Releases Patches for 74 Flaws. Control your network with Lansweeper deployments. Custom reports provide patch management capabilities by selecting assets based on outdated software.

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