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Maximus plugin free download

Image-Line Maximus Plugin – Digital Download

maximus plugin free download

Several of the new entries were highlighted by readers in the Comments to the original post, so thanks to those of you who contributed suggestions and your own top selections: Take the compressors on this list as a round-up of the best options available in , try out the demos or full versions, in the case of the free plugins on the list and decide which will make it into your regular go-to collection. Urei Urei First introduced in and revised the next year with additional low-noise circuitry to create the LN.

Introduced in California in the early s. Ideal for more gentle compression in situations where super-smoothness counts for more than in-yer-face aggressive processing.

Introduced in The had a threshold ranging from zero compression to hard limiting, ideal for injecting some attitude into drums and bass parts. When choosing compressor plugins for your collection to fulfil certain mix roles, it really helps to know a little compressor history — once you know what each of the classic compressors is best known for, it can add an extra dimension to your use and understanding of your related plugins.

What makes MJUC so special? One of the reasons it took so long to develop the plugin is that it was clearly a labour of love, with many different variable-mu tube compressor designs analysed in order to come up with up with a plugin that incorporates all of the best aspects and nuances.

Bottom line: What sets it apart from much of the competition is the style with which it imbues your source material with tasty analogue dynamics. This probably has a lot to do with designer Greg Scotts background, coming up with modern high-end analogue hardware. Spotting a gap in the current market and wanting to port his knowledge of real analogue signal processing into a plugin that truly represented the best of the real and virtual domains, the UBK-1 fulfils its aim in being one of the most musically satisfying plugins around.

Updated to the Pro-C 2 in , the latest version added several welcome enhancements including another 5 compression algorithms Vocal, Bus, Mastering, Punch and Pumping , as well as 4x oversampling — making what was already one of the best and cleanest compressors available that much more useful as a precision dynamics tool.

This makes it a natural fit for mastering and buss compression applications. Softube Tube-Tech CL 1B No list of compressor plugins would be complete without mentioning one of the greatest software emulations of a hardware classic ever created.

SKnote Disto A recent release at the end of and something of a hybrid monster, Disto was created by combining the characteristics of two hardware compressors from Empirical Labs, the Fatso Jr.

Meanwhile, the Fatso Jr. One last interesting feature to note: Our favourite of the four is CrossComp, as it offers something a little different: Simpler than getting bogged down in multi-band processing, and very useful for fast but precise tone sculpting.

One of those plugins that immediately makes your whole DAW system feel about twice as glossy and nice. There are actually a couple of different flavours of the Vintage Warmer concept: Significantly, NI employed the emulation geniuses genii?

Elysia Mpressor An emulation of their own hardware processor again in collaboration with the busy guys at Brainworx , Elysia delivered a great plugin with Mpressor. Eschewing any direct nods to vintage designs, Mpressor is a thoroughly modern compressor with a sleek interface and some smart features like Anti Log switches to an alternate release curve for instant pumping effects and the ability to set the compression ratio to negative values for some classy and highly usable dynamic effects.

The UA collection includes three models, representing the original and two later revisions of the classic hardware unit: As you would expect from Universal Audio, all of this performance and nuance is captured in painstaking detail for their plugin versions. This is quite a different beast to the aggressive The DC1A is undoubtedly one of the very best free compressor plugins around.

Waves C6 An expansion of the tried-and-tested Waves C4 Multiband Compressor, the C6 has an extra 2 bands to work with, but most significantly each band can be sidechained from either an internal or external source. I also used it extensively in my noise reduction processing chain on a recent feature film sound design project, with excellent results.

What sets this one apart is the way that it effortlessly tames the dynamics of vocals and ordinarily tricky instruments like acoustic guitars. I previously noted how this is one of the best plugins for increasing loudness and milking every spare dB from your tracks, and in a more crowded market Maximus continues to deliver the goods. A great visual display element to the GUI, generally straight-forward operation not a strength of all multi-band plugins and multiple dynamics options including gating, ducking, expanding and de-essing make this a winner for processing complete mixes, busses and stems or individual tracks.

Currently available for PC only unfortunately, but with an upcoming Mac version of FL Studio announced late last year, we hope to see other Image Line products follow suit soon. All are beautiful-sounding and well worth checking out. The URS compressors also now come in two variants: Official site here. Again, compressor choice is so subjective — you may very well find your favourite sound is from a freeware compressor rather than a higher-end emulation.

Since our original list, the Density compressor has been upgraded to MKIII, and is still one of the best freeware compressors available. It is also still PC only though! The Kramer PIE emulates the classic Pye hardware compressor, of the type used by Jimi Hendrix producer Eddie Kramer amongst many others , who was involved in the development of this plugin.

Highly recommended. Waves API Another vintage emulation from Waves, the API stereo compressor is definitely one of the best modelled compressor plugins available. Primarily designed for use in stereo mode over the mix buss, the two channels can also be split to process two separate mono channels with a single comp setting.

A classic for rock mixes, the API would also be at home with most aggressive electronic genres today. The two standout compressor plugins in their range both have a lot going on under the hood, each providing a whole range of processing and dynamics options all from within the single plugin. Using their established module format, the is actually ten different compressors in one, giving huge amount of flexibility and a lot of bang for your buck.

Compressorbank meanwhile is similarly designed to emulate a whole range of modern and vintage compressors all from within the single interface. With this one though, there are 3 different variants of the plugin: Official site page for Ultimate Compressor here and CompressorBank here.

Waves PuigChild Unlike most of the emulations and hardware-modelled plugin compressors on this list, the PuigChild looks to a slightly earlier era for its inspiration.

The original Fairchild compressor came about from a design by Rein Narma in generated while he worked on Les Pauls famous 8-track recorder — how many legendary innovations came out of that workshop?! By the way, the is a stereo version of the , also available as a plugin, and both are available as part of the JJP Analog Legends bundle from Waves. Stillwell Audio The Rocket An all-time favourite character compressor, and not just because it can do decent impressions of and Distressor sounds.

Also worth a mention is the Pure DCompressor , specifically designed to restore the dynamics of sounds that have been over-compressed… great for when you get a bit carried away: Steinberg RND Portico This is a software emulation of the highly regarded hardware Portico compressor created by Rupert Neve, the pioneering designer of some of the very earliest and most celebrated mixing consoles of the 20th Century and also the founder of Focusrite in Now Mr.

Which is put out by Steinberg, who are of course owned by Yamaha. Check it out. IK Multimedia T-rackS Available in a number of different configurations and bundles, it could perhaps be easy to forget that T-rackS features emulations of the Fairchild , Teletronix LA2A and other classics slotted in amongst all the other processors, EQs and effects.

This plugin is clearly optimized for mastering duties of the kind of styles where supreme loudness is the goal — with a transparent sound and default controls set up for wringing just a few additional dBs from a mix, its not for beginners but it certainly delivers. Vengeance Sound Multiband Compressor Vengeance Sound are best known for their ubiquitous dance sample libraries, but their Multiband Compressor has won many plaudits amongst electronic music producers.

Whilst not necessarily the most natural-sounding compressor ever, this would be missing the point — on dance music and all electronic styles, this one really comes into its own.

It sounds surprisingly excellent, and at this price everyone should have it in their collection. Sonoris Mastering Compressor I admit, at first glance it looks about as exciting as a grey box with a smaller black box in it could look. But the Sonoris Mastering Compressor is above all that GUI one-upmanship, airily delivering sonic quality that will definitely impress your ears. Cakewalk CA-2A T-Type Levelling Amplifier Cakewalks iteration of the LA2A hardware compressor is a fine emulation, accurately finding the classy transparency and aptitude for mix gluing of the original.

One interesting feature is the ability to switch the plugins detector circuit between feedback and feedforward modes, echoing the difference between more vintage circuitry and more modern designs.

Official site and download here. The founder of Nomad Factory, respected plugin developer Bernie Torelli, very sadly passed away recently. As a touching parting gesture to the audio community that encouraged and supported him during his illness, he and Nomad Factory decided to make Bus Driver free to download, with the option of making a donation to help Nomad Factory continue on. So show your love, find out more about Bernie and the details on the voucher code you need for the download here.

BONUS Soundtoys Devil-Loc Deluxe Certainly one of the best and most celebrated audio plugin ranges around, Soundtoys have just released a long-awaited update to their complete bundle with Soundtoys 5. A full five years in the making, we thought this was as good a time as any to highlight a single plugin from the bundle: There are two versions: Ridiculously classy. Leave your comments, thoughts, corrections below!

Image-Line Plugins Pack

Maximus will deliver transparent peak limiting and volume maximization without coloration of the processed sound. Maximus excels equally well as a final mastering plugin or as a per-track effect. Nov 24,  · Maximus excels equally well as a final mastering plugin or as a per-track effect. Lock and load. Maximus will quickly become one of the most rewarding tools in your recording and mixing arsenal. Maximus applies level maximization via compression and/or limiting across three Frequency bands, to enhance and Improve the final track.2/5(2). Nov 23,  · Unlimited recording storage space. Live TV from 60+ channels. No cable box required. Cancel anytime.

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Get a low price and free shipping on thousands of items. Maximus excels equally well as a final mastering plugin or as a per-track effect. Lock and load. Free Maximus Download,Maximus is Maximus: Heavy weaponry for the loudness war.

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Maximus plugin free download