Microsoft powerpoint 2013 free download full version

By | June 18, 2019

Rate Microsoft powerpoint 2013 free download full version Microsoft PowerPoint Creating slideshows is so simple and intuitive that children in elementary schools can do it, after basic guidance. Having an ever-increasing list of templates and improvements to the layout and toolbars after nearly each update, it only makes it easier and more fun creating professional presentations. There are still no real contenders to Microsoft in this space: With such a widespread consumer base, PowerPoint, along with the other Microsoft Office products, is really a necessity for any Windows system, and its popularity shows no sign of slowing, with millions of more users been added each year.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 15.0.4420.1017

microsoft powerpoint 2013 free download full version

System Requirements Review Microsoft PowerPoint is presentation software that belongs to the popular Microsoft Office productivity suite. Along with the cloud services integration and support for touch-enabled devices included in all the programs, other novelties of this version we can tell you about include the enhancement of presentation set-up and projection views, the widened variety of shapes, themes and transitions, and improved zoom functionality.

We can say there has been substantial enhancement of presentations set-up and projection views, a widened variety of shapes, themes and transitions, and improved zoom functionality Some of the most appreciated features of this Office software have been the Presenter View and the Present Online option. The Presenter view allows you to also see your presentation notes, while the audience only sees the slide, multiple monitors are no longer required. This mode includes several behind-the-scenes tools and an automatic set up.

Present Online appears as the equivalent of Broadcast Slide Show, with the added option of letting people download your presentation. Note than if you enable this feature, they will be free to navigate through the presentation at their own pace while you are presenting! There is a great variety of templates: Business, Education, Nature, Medical, etc. Getting started Getting started with Microsoft PowerPoint is easier than ever thanks to its redesigned Start UI, in which the user is able to choose from a good number of new templates and variants, as well as seeing some layout previews.

In relation to this, we must highlight that this software includes a variation of built-in themes, with changes in colors and fonts. When it comes to inserting pictures, now you can choose whether to source them from your hard drive or from your cloud folders. Regarding the capability of inserting pictures obtained from the internet, we must say that the possibilities has been widened if you log in your Microsoft account. And the same happens when you save your presentations; you can choose whether to save things locally or in web services such as SkyDrive or SharePoint.

One of the most outstanding enhancements of Microsoft PowerPoint has to do with the Presenter View. First, it has been darkened so the person presenting from behind the computer does not get that disturbing glow.

Second, it now includes three resizable panes; Slide preview, Next Slide preview and Notes area, that you can adjust according to your preferences. To resize an area, hover your mouse over its divider bars, click and drag. Fourth, and maybe one of the most usable ones, is the ability to zoom in on slides just by clicking on the magnifying glass icon. Presenter View has been darkened, offers three re-sizable panes, and allows jumping up slides and zooming in Redesigned Start UI Widened saving capabilities: System Requirements The minimum system requirements to correctly download and install Microsoft PowerPoint are: Operating System: Windows Server R2 or further Processor:

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Download Microsoft PowerPoint One of the new innovations that come with this PowerPoint edition is a welcome page that helps you. One of the Most Popular and Useful Presentation Software Out There Microsoft PowerPoint is the best presentation software out there. . devices included in all the programs, other novelties of this version we can tell.

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