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By | June 24, 2019

News ProShow 9 introduces 4K video slideshows Photodex introduced a new version of its slideshow creator, ProShow 9, now offering even more creative tools, filters and 4K video output for higher quality slideshows. Jose Antunes August 23, Slideshows in 4K in ProShow 9 come with a photoshow producer video output and a centralized photoshow producer to manage videos. ProShow has been my slideshow creator since I discovered it, a long long time ago like the Star Wars saga…. While the program is a typical slideshow creator, it is much more than that, also including video tools for those users who want to photoshow producer still and moving images.

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photoshow producer

Thank you. Do you maybe know any software that is very close to PS producer in terms of features. It’s a little challenging to get started with it complicated but once you do it’s really powerful. Easy to put your photos in and sync them to the sound. Then you can burn it to a DVD, make an mpg, or whatever.

Thank you, I will check P T E, it looks very interesting program. Kind regards I might have missed something, but what are you trying to do? It depends on your emphasis. I use both, and each has strengths and weaknesses. For very fast assembly of a professional looking slideshow with lots of “styles” and such, right now Producer is about a good a it gets. For professional Audio Visual presentations or to program lots of complex animations, PicturesToExe has, in my opinion, no equal.

That’s how “good” this product is perceived to be by those who work with slide and video combination presentations competitively! If you would like to see some of the possibilities I would suggest going to the link below then click on the various demonstrations and also go to the PTE Forum which is linked also.

I’ll also include a link to some of my demonstrations and you can also see some of them on Youtube under my pseudonym Icejasper. Regards carl english’s gear list: It can also create and manipulate video for all types of specific use such as iPhone, iPad, and numerous other devices including HD TV so it really doesn’t matter which he uses unless he wants to create native MacIntosh executable code which Proshow Producer doesn’t do.

He was looking for an alternative for Proshow Producer. There are a number of other products not mentioned, some of which are much more expensive than Producer which can do the same things such as German applications such as Wings Platinum or m.

There are numerous choices and what will work best for him depends a great deal on his specific way of working and on how much time he is willing to devote to learning how to use the tools.

I would rule out Wings Platinum and m. Objects primarily because they are designed more as tools for the AV professional who puts on huge presentations with multiple displays, multiple projectors, curved surface displays and multiple simultaneous tracks. Wings Platinum, for example, “can” cost several thousand dollars.

It’s just an extremely good value right now. There really is no other product like PicturesToExe PTE available – it’s sort of in a category all by itself because it is not only a great slideshow creation tool, it’s also a low-level nuts and bolts programming tool which lets the user who is willing to invest the time to learn to use it do some amazing things not only with slides and images, but also with creative projects.

For example, I recently created a little demo with PTE of a rotating “cube” with one thousand seven hundred and twenty eight individual video displays simultaneously playing video – two hundred and eighty eight videos playing on each side of the cube simultaneously.

This was done entirely in PTE. I don’t know of another single software application I could have done this with. To do it with any of my many other professional applications would require probably three different applications. Best regards,.

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Photodex ProShow Producer was so fun to play with, it was hard to pull myself away to write this review. ProShow Producer is so easy to use and produces the most amazing slideshows that it makes me want to go through all my photos and use it to create more and more slideshows. Bright Hub. INTRODUCING PROSHOW 9. Creating amazing video slideshows just got easier with all-new photo+video filters, faster video, 4K output and more. Jul 13,  · ProShow Producer is the highly anticipated professional presentation software that joins ease of use, enhanced workflow, and unmatched speed. Turn Subcategory: Digital Photo Tools.

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Create amazing video slideshows on your PC with ProShow Gold. ProShow Producer gives you total creative control and makes complex effects effortless. Easily turn your photos, videos, music and text into fun video slideshows.

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