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By | June 15, 2019

The impressive Prime free includes unlimited audio and MIDI tracks, some basic plug-in effects, drag-and drop editing and comping, and the Presence XT sampler really a “rompler,” with no sampling capability with 1. You can save as many projects as you want, and there are no nag screens, but you can’t add third-party plug-ins. You can also add third-party VSTs and AU plug-ins to Professional, although this feature is also available as an optional add-on to Artist. Your Presonus studio one latest version account shows dozens of separate downloads for the various included instruments, loops, and content packs.

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presonus studio one latest version

Thank you for visiting our Store! This Item is On Sale: It makes workflow seem like playflow; when you really want to produce music, not mess around with software, get Studio One and get the job done. Item Details: We are an authorized PreSonus dealer. You will receive the latest Full Version and can be assured of an authentic official PreSonus license. Fast, Same-Day Electronic Delivery.

This product is downloaded directly from PreSonus’s website. Specifications and Features: Studio One Professional Version 4 is packed with powerful professional editing features, including tightly integrated Melodyne pitch correction, yet its uncluttered, intuitive browser and drag-and-drop paradigm let you work faster and more creatively, without wading through menus, so making music is more fun.

Tasks that take multiple steps in most DAWs can be done in one or two quick, easy steps. Plus, professional users and respected reviewers agree: Studio One’s bit audio engine delivers superior sound. Import and export MP3s. Take advantage of multitrack comping, multitrack MIDI editing, transient detection and editing with groove extraction, and Folder Tracks.

Import videos and create soundtracks. Here are some of the important new features in Studio One 4: Integrated Melodyne pitch correction. You hear your edits in context with the rest of the arrangement, and when finished editing, render the audio in place—no track transfers or manual rendering!

Furthermore, edits made in the arrangement are seamlessly synced in Melodyne. Want to go back to where you were? It takes one click. Melodyne Essential comes with Studio One Professional 4 Transient detection, editing, and groove extraction. Sure, you can do transient detection and editing in other DAWs—but it can be slow and painful. In Studio One, you simply select an audio event and press Q to quantize. Groove extraction is as simple as drag-and-drop; extract a groove from any audio and apply it to any other audio in seconds!

Multitrack comping done right. No tool-switching is needed, and crossfading between takes is automated, although you can edit the fades. Auditioning takes is as simple as holding Alt and clicking on a take. Find it quickly. In version 4, you can search within any location in the Browser, making it even faster and easier to find the resources you want.

Organize your tracks. Organizing related tracks and working with them as a group is a breeze with Folder Tracks. Group and bus your Folder Tracks with the click of a button—an exclusive Studio One feature.

Edit multiple MIDI tracks simultaneously. Now you can view and edit more than one instrument track at a time in the Music Editor, including editing multiple parts on different Tracks at once. A great plug-in collection just got better. The Ampire guitar-amp modeler is now Ampire XT and features new amp models, a new convolution-based cabinet-modeling section and an effects section.

And the new OpenAIR convolution reverb delivers ultra-realistic reverberation based on real spaces and classic hardware reverbs. To top it off, with the new IR Maker, you can capture your own impulse responses. Enhanced mastering with Studio One Professional. To its already extensive list of mastering and distribution features, Version 4 adds DDP Export, PQ editing, and higher-quality sample-rate conversion.

Main Features:

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Fact is that Studio One is an instrument unto itself, with a wealth of compositional tools and creativity-enhancing tricks that go well beyond utilitarian recording. Studio One’s tools are about creating something new and re-shaping the familiar into something new—not merely documenting something created elsewhere. Studio One 4 eased the process of switching between other DAWs and Studio One by supporting AAF (Advanced Authoring Format) for data exchange with Pro Tools, Logic, Nuendo, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, and more. Version adds new options that improve your ability to export a Studio One . Compare versions or build your own. Whether you’re a Grammy-winning producer or just getting started making music, there’s a version of Studio One ® that’s right for you. Studio One comes in three flavors: Artist, our flagship Professional version, and Prime, a fully functioning free version.

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PreSonus® is now shipping Studio One version , a major update to its popular music production software (DAW) for Mac® and Windows®. Buy Studio One Version 4. Studio One® Artist and Professional are available direct from both PreSonus and music retail shops worldwide as both upgrades and.

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