What is werfault

By | June 21, 2019

How to Fix Werfault. February 16, In this article, we will try to explain why the WerFault. The WerFault.

High CPU Usage Caused by Werfault.exe

what is werfault

Sign in to vote I think these error messages highlight how weak the error reporting culture is in Microsoft. Since WerFault. Is WerFault. Since the message does not indicate any other program or process, I think it logically must be the latter, that the program WerFault.

So I conclude that this message means that an instruction belonging to the WerFault. More on that below. Still there is another possibility, that the addresses are physical addresses, not virtual addresses. But it is usually not informative to learn that an instruction in a particular physical memory location is making an incorrect or unsuccessful memory access.

It would be extremely difficult to find out what application to fix. So I assume that the instruction addresses are virtual addresses. But nowadays even virtual addresses are not as informative as they used to.

There is a specific type of “vulnerability”, or security weakness, where attackers provide malicious data to programs that fail to validate their inputs properly and allow buffer overflows t happen. Attackers carefully craft the input to overflow the program’s buffers, overwriting subroutine return addresses with pointers to code contained in the input. This code will make calls to routines in the program.

But the attacker needs to know the addresses of the routines he wants to call. Nowadays this is thwarted by “address space randomization”. Each time a program is run, the routines are loaded to different places in the virtual address space.

But then the information given in this message becomes meaningless. Not all programs use such randomization, and I have not checked if Microsoft is using this technique. Therefore, it is possible that the message is meaningful, if randomization is not used.

Now, assuming that the instruction address is meaningful, what is this error message actually telling? There are two main reasons for this. We do not know if the program has any memory with that address. There could be a programming error, leading the program to want to access memory locations that were never allocated to the program. Or there could be a hardware fault, where a memory module failed to return the contents of that memory location. In the first case, the program WerFault.

The address of the non-readable memory location may be completely random, depending on the nature of the programming fault. In the second case, the address location is usually meaningless if it is a virtual address. Next time the program is run, it would be loaded to a different part of the physical memory, and it may not use the faulty memory location at all. Instead a different program may have the faulty memory allocated to it, and fail mysteriously, or with similar messages. To find out what memory location to fix, on would in theory have to determine in each case, what physical memory was used to carry the specified virtual memory location.

But nobody does that. Memory modules are cheap, you do not repair them, you replace them. But then there is a third possibility: It could be a physical memory fault, but a transient one. Cosmic radiation, radon gas, and other sources of background radioactivity will randomly hit your memory and change it in unpredictable ways. If you have error correcting memory more expensive , the memory module will notice and report the random change. Sometimes it will even know how to fix it, but then it does not report it.

But error correcting circuitry is itself prone to failures. I don’t know what is the current state of the art in this regard. So I don’t know if it is likely that the errors reported above are purely transient. To sum up, some guys inside Microsoft may know more about this, but the general “computer expert” has no way of reaching a useful conclusion based on these error messages.

The messages simply do not contain the needed information. All you can do, is to replace your computer if you get many such messages. Otherwise ignore them. But take home the lesson that computers are not completely reliable. If you build something that can threaten your life if it fails, you must use thorough methods of redundant computing to minimize the risk. Tuesday, December 31, 4:

Error code: WerFault.exe – Application error

serialfree.info file information serialfree.info process in Windows Task Manager. The process known as Windows Problem Reporting belongs to software Microsoft Windows Operating System by Microsoft (serialfree.info). Description: serialfree.info is an important part of Windows, but often causes problems. The file serialfree.info is located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder/5(21). EXE (“executable”) files, such as serialfree.info, are files that contain step-by-step instructions that a computer follows to carry out a function. When you “double-click” an EXE file, your computer automatically executes these instructions designed by a software developer (eg. Microsoft) to run a . GitKraken is cross-platform, has a beautiful UI, is easy to setup/use, has smooth integrations & is free.

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Microsoft Windows is an operating system. serialfree.info runs the Windows Error Reporting tool, a troubleshooter for the Windows Vista operating system. The file serialfree.info is located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder. Ive disabled the serialfree.info process via windows services but when I re-boot it still pops up. Any suggestions / help will be appreciated!.

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